Nvidia Is Becoming the IBM of AI, Says Former Apple Engineer

Jim Keller, an engineer who has worked at AMD, Apple, and Tesla and is now CEO of an AI chip startup taking on Nvidia, says that Nvidia is “becoming the IBM of the AI era.” On a Sunday podcast episode of DemystifySci, Keller brought up Nvidia’s AI chips and called attention to companies like Microsoft … Read more

Lauren Sánchez: 1 Thing People Don’t Know About Jeff Bezos

Lauren Sánchez shared how she and fiancé Jeff Bezos approach philanthropy in a new interview — and she said that one thing “people don’t really know” about Bezos is that he put an 8-floor, 63,000-square-foot homeless shelter inside an Amazon office building in Seattle. The Hollywood Reporter released a conversation between Sánchez and Eva Longoria … Read more

Mark Zuckerberg: Upcoming Meta Gadget Made Testers ‘Giddy’

Mark Zuckerberg thinks that the next frame-breaking moment in technology, comparable to the first Google search or Facebook friend request, will be Meta’s holographic glasses. “We’re almost ready to start showing the prototype version of the full holographic glasses and that’s wild,” Zuckerberg said in a June interview with YouTuber Kallaway. “Every person I’ve shown … Read more

Every Great Business Partnership Have These 7 Elements in Common

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Partnerships in business are a dynamic and powerful way to propel a venture forward. They combine the strengths and resources of individuals to achieve shared goals. However, the success of a partnership hinges on careful planning and establishing a strong foundation. Drawing from my experiences in both … Read more

Elon Musk Praises Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang’s Leadership Style

Elon Musk thinks Jensen Huang, the 61-year-old CEO of $3 trillion AI chip manufacturer Nvidia, has “absolutely the right attitude.” Musk replied to a post on X on Sunday, highlighting a resurfaced clip from Huang’s March interview at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. “No task is beneath me,” Huang says in the clip. “Remember, … Read more

Costco CEO: Membership Card Is ‘Most Important Item We Sell’

Costco’s new CEO, who started as a forklift driver at the company at age 17, considers one of the wholesale giant’s products to be its most valuable — and it’s not the famous hot dog deal or the rotisserie chickens. It’s the Costco membership card. Costco CEO Ron Vachris, who became the chief executive in … Read more

How to Kick Unproductive Thinking to the Curb for Good

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. As business leaders, we can become overwhelmed by the constant drive to excel against all odds, from economic downturns to staffing problems. However, at any point on the journey, we may find that our own perspective can get in the way of the vision we had for … Read more

How to Build Trust and Transparency With Your Customers While Taking Their Data

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Innovation starts with identifying the outcomes customers want to achieve — which is why most companies rely on modern tools and technologies to acquire vast amounts of customer information for creating personalized customer experiences. You need your customers to share their details, including preferences, to ensure you … Read more

Want to Get The Most Out of AI? Start Treating AI Like Your Human Employees

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Our new AI tools and copilots have made some royal blunders. They’ve doled out bad advice with supreme confidence, they’ve gotten talked into shady deals, they’ve made things weird and turned incredibly rude. Slip-ups are rare, of course, but when they happen the internet goes to town. … Read more

7 Strategies to Recession Proof Your Business in 2024 and Beyond

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. According to Fitch Ratings’ Global Economic Outlook report for 2024, a steep 2.1% dip in world growth is expected this year. CEOs and other executives must find firm footing atop shaky terrain. Bold leadership and robust fundamentals to sustain scaling are a must in these times. As … Read more