drugs, firearms and youth unemployment are creating a lethal cocktail in Nigeria’s commercial capital

Lagos is the most populous city in Africa and a regional economic giant, having west Africa’s busiest seaport. It is the centre of commercial and economic activities in Nigeria. The city’s population is estimated to be 20 million people. The existence of informal settlements makes it difficult to come up with a more precise number. … Read more

Ethiopia’s peace pacts with the Oromo Liberation Front have failed: here’s what was missing

Two attempts have been made over the past six years to broker peace between the Ethiopian government and the armed rebel group Oromo Liberation Front. The armed group was formed half a century ago with the goal of carving out an independent state for Oromia, the country’s largest regional state. Both attempts at brokering peace … Read more

Sudan Armed Forces are on a path to self-destruction – risking state collapse

It is now 10 months since the outbreak of civil war in Sudan in April 2023, pitting the Sudan Armed Forces against the Rapid Support Forces, a powerful paramilitary group. The war, which erupted after relations between the two wings of Sudan’s security apparatus broke down, rapidly spread beyond the capital, Khartoum. More recently, the … Read more

expert explains why Congolese anger against the west is justified – and useful to the government

Since early February, the Democratic Republic of Congo’s capital, Kinshasa, has been rocked by protests directed against western embassies. Protests took place in front of the British and French embassies, and in front of United Nations buildings. Throughout the city, American and Belgian flags were burned. The protesters are denouncing what they believed to be … Read more

Oromia makes up a third of Ethiopia’s landmass and is key to its fortunes: expert unpacks its significance

Ethiopia’s largest and most populous region, Oromia, has been in the news following reports of a rise in kidnappings for ransom. The region is no stranger to war and strife. Its people have long fought against political marginalisation. But the region is more than just the site of conflict. We asked Bizuneh Yimenu, who’s researched … Read more

Zimbabwe: With its two-thirds majority, how far will ZANU-PF go?

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has tightened his grip on power in Zimbabwe with new seats in parliament, raising fears in the opposition that the ruling party will push through laws allowing him a third term. There’s more to this story Get unlimited access to our exclusive journalism and features today. Our award-winning team of correspondents and … Read more

Kenya: Pressure on Raila to endorse Kalonzo as 2027 candidate

Politicians from the Wiper Democratic Movement, an affiliate party of the opposition coalition Azimio la Umoja are continuing to press Raila Odinga to back his erstwhile ally. Leading the path is Makueni governor Mutula Kilonzo Junior. The Wiper party argue that Kalonzo Musyoka shelved his presidential ambitions to support Raila, having been his deputy in … Read more