Death toll rises to 12 in Russian bombing of hypermarket in Kharkiv – POLITICO

Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city, is about 30 kilometers from the Russian border and has come under attack in recent weeks as Russian President Vladimir Putin’s forces have made a push into the northeast region. “This strike on Kharkiv is another manifestation of Russian madness,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said late Saturday. “Only madmen like Putin … Read more

‘Never match a Tory with a vegan Marxist.’ How the political divide changed dating. – POLITICO

Kaye said that in France, over the past three years, a whopping 75 percent of OKCupid respondents said they would prefer to date someone who shares their political outlook, compared to 56 percent in the U.S. Elsewhere in Europe, the figures were 73 percent in Spain and 67 in Germany.  That could also explain why … Read more

The EU’s pathetic crocodile tears for Iranian hangman – POLITICO

First the cunning: Europe is still holding out hope that it can somehow resurrect the failed nuclear deal with Iran that relaxed sanctions on Tehran in return for allowing international inspections of its atomic activities. To keep the door open, European leaders, whose countries also stand to benefit from a resumption of trade with Iran, … Read more

Israel intensifies Rafah attacks, defying Court of Justice ruling – POLITICO

Israeli officials were quick to condemn the ruling and indicated they would not comply. The Foreign Ministry described South Africa’s charges of genocide, which led to the ICJ ruling, as “false, outrageous and morally repugnant.” The ICJ’s ruling is legally binding, but the court has no enforcement powers of its own. Officials from the EU … Read more

Russia strikes hypermarket in Kharkiv – POLITICO

The fire “has completely engulfed the building — 10,000 square meters,” Zelenskyy said. Ukrainian Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko said at least 15 more people were missing. “Rescuers are at the spot, saving people. Extinguishing [the fire] is complicated by the presence of a significant amount of flammable materials and the possible further spread of the … Read more

Israel’s actions are ‘incompatible with international law,’ says Germany’s Habeck – POLITICO

“The famine, the suffering of the Palestinian population, the attacks in the Gaza Strip are — as we are now seeing in court — incompatible with international law,” Habeck said. “In other words, it is indeed the case that Israel has crossed a line there, and it must not do so,” said Habeck , who … Read more

Europe needs ‘long-term re-armament’ to counter Russia, Poland’s foreign minister says – POLITICO

“We have allowed all those production facilities to be closed down after the end of the Cold War,” Sikorski said. “It costs money to persuade companies to keep production lines in reserve. We just didn’t pay the money. That was part of the peace dividend. And with hindsight it looks like a mistake,” he said. … Read more

Ukraine extradites man who organized illegal migrant trafficking to Poland – POLITICO

The perpetrators tried to “disperse” up to a hundred illegal migrants in various European countries, who were divided into separate groups, according to the SBU statement. The SBU and Polish partners last year detained several members of the human-trafficking operation on EU territory, the SBU said without specifying where. The organizer of the illegal migration … Read more

Europe left worried by US plan on Russian assets to pay for Ukraine – POLITICO

While the signals are now strong that Europe will agree to the U.S.-led proposal to leverage the future profits of the assets to issue a €50 billion loan to Ukraine, countries such as France and Germany fear their taxpayers will be on the hook if Kyiv can’t pay the loan back once the war is … Read more

Putin’s Estonia provocation rings alarm bells in the Baltics – POLITICO

“The European Union expects an explanation by Russia about the removal of the buoys and their immediate return,” he said. Russia has yet to publicly comment. Russian President Vladimir Putin has been carrying out a full-scale invasion of Ukraine since February 2022, and has stoked fear in other neighboring countries with revanchist posturing and hybrid … Read more