China’s hotels told to roll out welcome mats for foreign visitors, regardless of service approvals

Hotels in China have been told not to turn away foreign guests by using a lack of government-issued credentials as an excuse, according to a newly issued joint department notice. The notice, jointly issued by the Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Commerce and the National Immigration Administration on Friday, said a lack of “foreign-related … Read more

WHO negotiators fail to draft pandemic treaty

Two years of negotiations ended Friday without a final draft of a global agreement on how to best handle the next pandemic that public health officials say is sure to come. After the COVID-19 pandemic, the World Health Organization was asked to write an agreement on how to respond to the inevitable next one and … Read more

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan: Left govt in Kerala enters fourth year, CM says extreme poverty will be eradicated by 2025

As the Left government in Kerala marks its fourth year in office, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said on Wednesday the government plans to develop a knowledge economy and eradicate extreme poverty in the state by November 1, 2025. Listing out achievements of the Kerala government, Vijayan said in a statement that the consecutive Left governments … Read more

‘Someone Reported My Cookie Business to Public Health, It Was The Best Thing That Happened To Me’

According to the Government of Canada, the COVID-19 pandemic led to a surge in new business creation, with over 1,100 new businesses established in 2020. “Many of these businesses didn’t look like traditional small firms,” the Committee on Small Business said in a statement. “As the pandemic drove commerce online, these new enterprises were primarily … Read more

Opinion | Why tourism-hungry Hong Kong needs to get with the times, put inclusion front and centre and even become a diversity hub

Presently, dining in the city remains a gastronomic journey, albeit marred by exorbitant prices and inconsistent service standards that do not always align with the food quality. Hong Kong Financial Secretary Paul Chan recently addressed the grievances of local retailers and restaurants about residents crossing the border in pursuit of more affordable options. Above: Hongkongers … Read more

Baidu’s public relations head steps down after eye-popping remarks on work culture spark controversy in China

Baidu’s public relations chief Qu Jing has left the Chinese internet search giant after her comments endorsing an intense workplace culture sparked a public backlash, according to people familiar with the matter and local media reports. The firm’s internal system shows that Qu, a vice-president, has departed from her position, according to employees who declined … Read more

Lonely, depressed, lacking mental health help: Covid-19 pandemic’s toll on Hong Kong’s working class, in their own words

Many lacked savings and were forced to endure cramped living conditions that strained family relationships. Those who sought mental health support through the public system faced a daunting 40-month waiting list. I spent four days just lying under the canvas, not getting up to eat or anything. I thought about ending my life – it … Read more

Opinion | Hong Kong won’t draw back tourists with clichéd attractions. They go to places to experience what locals enjoy

Hong Kong’s previous tourism advantages, and the combined factors that once brought visitors to a destination in its own right – rather than as a quick stopover on the way to somewhere else – have also changed. 11 million people visit Hong Kong in first quarter, more than double 2023 number Closer examination of what … Read more

‘Everybody here eats like a king’: chef of Beta in Kuala Lumpur on Michelin star, elevating Malaysian food and losing 40kg

In addition to running Beta, he is moving his first restaurant, Skillet, to a new location, while planning a third and fourth concept to debut very soon. Tham at the unveiling of Malaysia’s Michelin stars in 2023. Photo: Beta “I’m still learning, but I try to be here every day even though we’re working on … Read more

Covid-19 origin in more probability unnatural than natural, lab leak potential source: New study

NEW DELHI: The Covid-19 pandemic in more probability had an unnatural origin than a natural one with a potential source being a lab accident or leak, according to new research that employed a commonly used risk analysis tool to arrive at this conclusion. Originally designed to distinguish between natural epidemics and deliberate biological attacks, researchers … Read more