J.D. Vance will chide Europe — that’s it … for now – POLITICO

Vance started as a smooth and adaptable interviewee in 2016, calmly explaining Trump’s appeal for befuddled liberals while promoting his autobiography “Hillbilly Elegy.” Yet he soon MAGA-morphed into a pugnacious Trump surrogate in every forum — on Fox News, off the Senate floor, on the campaign stump.  As vice president, he’d likely add Europe to … Read more

Trump’s comeback in Milwaukee – POLITICO

Nach dem Anschlag auf Donald Trump beginnt der Nominierungsparteitag der Republikaner unter völlig anderen Vorzeichen. Für POLITICO ist unter anderem Anne McElvoy in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, vor Ort. Sie ist Host des Power Play-Podcasts und berichtet im Gespräch mit Gordon aktuell vom ersten Tag der National Republican Convention. Ein weiteres Thema ist die konstituierende Sitzung des … Read more

Trump insider on the survivor and a new VP – POLITICO

Reince Priebus is one the Republican Party’s veteran power brokers. He served Donald Trump as his first White House chief of staff and chairs the host committee at this year’s Republican National Convention in Milwaukee. As Republican delegates gather in the aftermath of a dramatic couple of days, host Anne McElvoy speaks to Priebus live … Read more

New blow for Brussels as Trump picks isolationist Vance for VP – POLITICO

The 39-year-old senator is one of the most isolationist members of the Republican Party. He is vehemently opposed to using more funds to help Ukraine and has blasted what he sees as Europe’s over-dependence on the United States when it comes to military investment. In a lengthy interview with POLITICO at the Munich Security Conference … Read more

Ukraine ready to work with Trump if he wins, says Zelenskyy – POLITICO

The increase is connected to Russia opening its new front in the Kharkiv region while maintaining the same pressure rate over the entire 1,000-kilometer front line in the east and south of Ukraine, the ministry said. Jul 12 2 mins read Read original article here Denial of responsibility! Pioneer Newz is an automatic aggregator of … Read more

Russia blames Trump shooting on his political opponents – POLITICO

Moscow does not “believe that the attempt to eliminate and assassinate Trump was organized by the current authorities,” Peskov said, but added “the atmosphere around candidate Trump … provoked what America is confronting today.” The Kremlin’s statement echoes Republican talking points, with some of Trump’s allies seeking to pin the blame for the shooting on … Read more

Exclusive | Stephen Roach on how Beijing can right its economic course and the US’ big China ‘blunder’

Now, nearly 11 years later, I would have to say that while the Chinese economy has progressed on many fronts, the implementation of those reforms has been disappointing. I think the critique that was raised by former Premier Wen Jiabao in March of 2007 – when he warned that the Chinese economy, while strong on … Read more

Like with several other US leaders, luck saved Trump

Jamie Dettmer is opinion editor at POLITICO Europe.  It will figure prominently in the catalogue of extraordinary near-misses — a few inches difference and Donald Trump would likely not have survived Saturday’s assassination attempt by 20-year-old Thomas Matthew Crooks. Trump is not the first incumbent or former U.S. president to have narrowly escaped would-be assassins … Read more

Nigel Farage blames liberals and mainstream media – POLITICO

He said he was “upset” but “not shocked” by the shooting, as opposed to several world leaders who claimed to be “deeply shocked” by the attack. Asked by Kuenssberg whether the political environment should be seen as the main culprit, Farage pointed out that only a few weeks ago President Joe Biden, who is running … Read more

European leaders denounce political violence after shocking Trump shooting – POLITICO

“Political violence has no place in a democracy,” European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen wrote on X, saying she was “deeply shocked by the shooting.”  I am deeply shocked by the shooting that took place during former President Trump’s campaign rally. I wish Donald Trump a speedy recovery and offer my condolences to the … Read more