Taiwan’s new leader William Lai takes the helm, and a tougher line

Lai’s inauguration marks an unprecedented third term for the DPP. However, unlike Tsai when she became president in 2016, Lai made no mention of the 1992 consensus in his address. The consensus is a tacit agreement between Beijing and Taipei that there is one China but each side of the Taiwan Strait can have its … Read more

William Lai’s critics cry foul over Taiwanese leader’s ‘tougher than expected’ inauguration speech

He also urged the island’s residents not to harbour any illusions about Beijing. “So long as China refuses to renounce the use of force against Taiwan, all of us in Taiwan ought to understand that even if we accept the entirety of China’s position and give up our sovereignty, China’s ambition to annex Taiwan will … Read more

Russia, China offer condolences after death of Iran’s President – POLITICO

“As a true friend to Russia’s, he made an invaluable personal contribution to the establishing of neighborly relations between our two countries and made great efforts to elevate them to the level of strategic partnership,” Putin’s letter, published on the Kremlin’s website, reads. “I had the luck of meeting Ebrahim Raisi more than once, and … Read more

Apple slashes prices of iPhone 15 models to new low in China amid heated competition in world’s largest smartphone market

Apple is offering a new range of steep discounts for iPhone 15 models to consumers in mainland China, with online retail platforms bringing prices to a new low amid the US tech giant’s efforts to boost sluggish sales in the world’s biggest smartphone market. The top-of-the-line 256-gigabyte iPhone 15 Pro Max model, for example, on … Read more

Taiwanese leader Lai sends ‘dangerous signals’ with pro-independence speech: Beijing

Lai’s speech “stubbornly adheres to the stance of ‘Taiwan independence’, vigorously promotes the fallacy of separatism, incites cross-strait confrontation, and attempts to ‘rely on external forces to seek independence’” , according to the statement. Beijing’s leadership took a similar five hours before issuing a statement in 2016 after Lai’s predecessor Tsai Ing-wen made her first … Read more

Taiwan swears in new president as China pressure grows

MORE DEFENCE SPENDING With only 12 allies, Taipei lacks diplomatic recognition on the world stage. But it has its own government, military and currency, and the majority of the 23 million population see themselves as having a distinct Taiwanese identity, separate from the Chinese. Following in Tsai’s footsteps, Lai is expected to boost defence spending … Read more

Taiwan’s new leader inherits foreign policy strength but domestic political gridlock

IDENTITY SHIFT Tsai’s popularity partly reflects a shift in Taiwan’s identity. A vast majority of residents now identify as Taiwanese as opposed to Chinese and want to be governed separately from Beijing. Taiwan and China have had different governments since a civil war in 1949 saw the Nationalists flee to the island while China’s Communist … Read more

Mysterious helicopter crashes similar to President Ebrahim Raisi

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi’s helicopter crash in foggy weather over mountainous terrain was a shock for the region, as presidents are supposed to have access to the very best helicopters in their country’s fleet, as well as the best pilots and maintenance crew. It isn’t expected that presidents should go missing or be involved … Read more

Watch moment giant meteor travelling at 1,700mph turns night sky blue over Spain and Portugal in rare spectacle

INCREDIBLE footage captured the moment a comet travelling at 1,700mph lit up the night sky in a rare spectacle. Stargazers were left stunned as the fireball shot turned the pitch-black sky into greenish blue in parts of Spain and Portugal. 3 The moment the comet was captured by a car’s dashcam just seconds before it … Read more