Afraid – Official Trailer | English Movie News – Hollywood

Jul 04, 2024, 10:19AM ISTSource: YouTube Watch the Official Trailer from English movie ‘Afraid’ starring John Cho, Katherine Waterston, Havana Rose Liu, Lukita Maxwell, Keith Carradine and David Dastmalchian. ‘Afraid’ movie is directed by Chris Weitz and produced by Jason Blum, Chris Weitz and Andrew Miano. To know more about ‘Afraid’ trailer watch the video. … Read more

From fast food to construction, employers turn more and more to temporary foreign workers

Businesses’ demand for temporary foreign workers has surged across the country in recent years, with employers given the green light to hire more than double the people through the federal program last year as they did five years ago. The program is designed to provide short-term relief to employers as a last resort, but has … Read more

Report calls for sweeping changes to address abuse in Canadian sports

After a two-year study of abuse in sports, a parliamentary committee is calling for sweeping changes to better protect athletes from sexual and physical abuse — including mandatory criminal record checks for all officials, coaches and volunteers and a new database to search past complaints, arrests and convictions. The standing committee on Canadian heritage is also calling on … Read more

Pop singer Chappell Roan says she turned down White House Pride performance

Pop singer Chappell Roan told a crowd of 150,000 on Sunday that she turned down an invitation to perform at the White House’s Pride festivities, during a set where she spoke about trans rights, women’s rights and freedom for “oppressed people in occupied territories.” Near the end of her set at New York City’s Governors … Read more

Killer whales are ramming boats for fun, scientists say. A new report offers ways to protect mariners

Quirks and Quarks11:40Killer whales are likely ramming boats because they’re bored and having fun When Renaud de Stephanis sees killer whales surround his boat off the coast of Spain, he isn’t afraid — he’s excited because it’s a chance to get some research done. When asked how often his boats have been hit by the … Read more

Why deathbed dreams and visions can be a comfort for the dying — and those left behind

The Current23:09What dying people see in their dreams As Charlotte Good was dying of pancreatic cancer in a Toronto hospital in 2007, she experienced a dream or vision of her own mother — who had died years before. Charlotte’s daughter, Cynthia Good, was staying over that night and sensed that she’d sat up. “I got … Read more

Move over, eclipse. A rare, double brood of lustful cicadas are about to take over the skies

As It Happens6:37So long, solar eclipse. An even rarer phenomenon is about to take over the skies Floyd Shockley is planning a road trip to witness a rare natural event that will darken skies across much of the United States — a convergence not of celestial bodies, but of two massive broods of flying, screaming, lustful insects. … Read more

Math lessons from deepfakes of Drake, other celebrities on TikTok raise concerns about misinformation

Sisters Leanne and Natasha Manikavasagar are no strangers to seeing AI-generated content on TikTok. But an AI-generated deepfake video of Drake teaching trigonometry took them by surprise. “I was shocked,” said Natasha, a Grade 9 student in Brampton Ont.  “Drake looked kind of weird, like his mouth did not match … the way he was … Read more

Bleak, beautiful Oppenheimer tells us about our apocalyptic future

There are few figures in American history as mythologized as J. Robert Oppenheimer — in no small part due to the man himself.  So building a cohesive story about him — the physicist who helped define an entire scientific field so new and arcane it was called “boys’ physics”; the precocious child-genius who delivered a … Read more

From Avatar to Dune: The most anticipated new shows and movies of 2024, and where to watch them

Hot on the heels of one of the best years for movie and TV releases in recent memory, 2024 is shaping up to be an impressive year for screens both big and small. Even though there may have been strikes last year, seriously delaying the majority of projects scheduled for release, there are loads of … Read more