AT&T data breach affected nearly all customers after info downloaded to 3rd-party platform

The data of nearly all customers of the U.S. telecommunications giant AT&T was downloaded to a third-party platform in a security breach, the company said Friday, as cyberattacks against businesses, schools and health systems continue to spread globally.  The breach, most of which took place over five months in 2022, hit customers of AT&T’s cellular … Read more

New Democrats say they see opportunity in Liberals’ Toronto byelection loss

An NDP insider says New Democrats were surprised by the Liberals’ loss in the recent Toronto byelection — and now see the governing party’s weakness as an opportunity. Anne McGrath, principal secretary to NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh in the House of Commons, told CBC News the party thought the outcome of the Toronto St Paul’s byelection would be close … Read more

CBC radio personality Rick Cluff dead at 74

Rick Cluff, one of British Columbia’s most loved radio personalities, has died. Cluff passed away following a short battle with cancer days after marking his 74th birthday.  A consummate broadcaster, Cluff brought his friendly voice and big personality to CBC Vancouver in 1997 and helped turn The Early Edition into the No. 1-rated morning show in … Read more

CDK Global begins to restore systems after cyber hack

Retail technology and software provider CDK Global has begun work to restore systems used by over 15,000 retail locations across North America, the company said in a statement on Sunday, adding that it expects the process to take “several days.” “We are continuing to actively engage with our customers and provide them with alternate ways … Read more

Pop singer Chappell Roan says she turned down White House Pride performance

Pop singer Chappell Roan told a crowd of 150,000 on Sunday that she turned down an invitation to perform at the White House’s Pride festivities, during a set where she spoke about trans rights, women’s rights and freedom for “oppressed people in occupied territories.” Near the end of her set at New York City’s Governors … Read more

The carbon tax has plagued the Liberals politically. Research says that’s not surprising

It was supposed to do the heavy lifting for Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions targets. And it was supposed to remain a major part of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s legacy, both at home and abroad — part of an urgent global push to fight climate change. But instead of fulfilling those Liberal hopes, carbon pricing has … Read more

Cybercriminals launched on avg 9K online attacks on Indian firms per day in 2023: Report

New Delhi: Cybercriminals launched an average of nearly 9,000 online attacks targeting Indian businesses per day in 2023, a new report revealed on Monday. According to the cybersecurity company Kaspersky, more than three million web threats have been detected and blocked for businesses in India from January to December, a 47 per cent jump compared … Read more

Trudeau says Israel needs to follow ICJ ruling and halt operations in Rafah

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says military operations in Rafah must stop now that the International Court of Justice (ICJ) has ordered Israel to halt its offensive in the southern Gaza city. Speaking to reporters at a press conference on Friday, the prime minister repeated Canada’s call for a ceasefire and for Hamas to release the … Read more

Canadian banking regulator says real estate, mortgages pose risk to financial systems

Canada’s banking regulator says real estate secured lending and mortgages are among the top risks the country’s financial system is facing, as higher interest rates pressure borrowers. In its annual risk outlook, the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions )OSFI) said as homeowners renew their mortgages, they could potentially face a payment shock due to … Read more

Federal panel lists 35 ‘plausible’ future threats to Canada and the world

In a new report, a think-tank within Employment and Social Development Canada cites 35 “plausible” global disruptions that could reshape Canada and the world in the near future. The Policy Horizons Canada (PHC) panel drafted the list and then asked more than 500 stakeholders within and outside government to suggest which ones were more likely, when they might happen and how … Read more