Vietnamese hackers fuelling WhatsApp e-challan scam in India: Report

Bengaluru: A highly technical Android malware campaign by Vietnamese hackers is targeting Indian users through fake traffic e-challan messages on WhatsApp, according to a report on Wednesday. Researchers from CloudSEK, a cybersecurity firm, identified the malware as part of the Wromba family. It has infected more than 4,400 devices and led to fraudulent transactions exceeding … Read more

WhatsApp inks deal with Tanla to detect and curb scams

Meta Platforms-owned WhatsApp has inked a collaborative pact with communications services company Tanla Platforms to identify fraudulent phone numbers in an attempt to boost efforts at controlling scams over its messaging platform, a top executive close to the companies said. “Given that WhatsApp is an end-to-end encrypted channel, external signals are crucial for the platform … Read more

Billions of WhatsApp users must update their devices today to stop scammers with new triple alert feature

WHATSAPP has started to roll out a new triple alert feature that can help users detect a dodgy group chat – and you’ll need to update the app to access it. As with any social media platform and messenger, scammers are rife. 1 Scammers often cast their phishing net far and wide, adding dozens of … Read more

Fraudsters using FB, WhatsApp to dupe users in investment scams in India: Report

New Delhi: Cybersecurity researchers have revealed the alarming rise of investment scams in India peddled through social media messaging platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, X, and others, in which fraudsters convince users to invest in crypto, stocks by promising assured returns, a new report showed on Tuesday. Since the beginning of 2024, the threat … Read more

EU accuses Facebook owner Meta of breaking digital rules with paid ad-free option

The US tech giant rolled out the option after the European Union’s top court ruled Meta must first get consent before showing ads to users, in a decision that threatened its business model of tailoring ads based on individual users’ online interests and digital activity. Meta’s model does not allow users to exercise their right … Read more

How WhatsApp makes money | The Scottish Sun

WHATSAPP is the most popular instant messaging service in the world, allowing users to send texts, photos, videos and voice messages for free. Here’s everything you need to know about how the app makes money. 1 WhatsApp was founded in 2009 How does WhatsApp make money? To begin with WhatsApp made money by asking some … Read more

‘People are threatening to kill Judy, hurt our children’- Yul Edochie alleges

Controversial Nollywood actor and pastor, Yul Edochie, has announced an alleged plot by some persons to kill his second wife, Judy Austin, and harm their two children. In November 2021, Judy welcomed a son named Star Munachimso with Yul and on 21st April 2022, the actor publicly unveiled her as his second wife. Before the … Read more

WhatsApp users uncover new hidden button that boosts their photos and videos – but think twice before switching it on

WHATSAPP users have discovered a handy hidden button that boosts their photos and videos to higher quality. The popular messaging app currently compresses files so they’re slightly smaller. 1 New button can be found tucked away in the settingsCredit: The Sun This makes them faster to send and uses less data. But those who literally … Read more

WhatsApp bans over 71 lakh accounts in India in April

New Delhi: Meta-owned WhatsApp on Saturday said it banned more than 71 lakh accounts in India in the month of April for violating the laws of the land. Out of 7,182,000 banned WhatsApp accounts, 1,302,000 were proactively blocked, before any reports from users, the social media company said in a statement. The popular mobile messaging … Read more