Google just gave up on its proposed makeover of the internet

Google announced on Monday that it will pull the brakes on phasing out the use of third-party cookies on its Chrome browser because of concerns from regulators, competitors, and privacy advocates, the tech giant said in a Privacy Sandbox post. Instead, Google will be going in a different direction that will let users choose how … Read more

This Dell XPS 14 deal cuts the price by $300 for a limited time

Luke Larsen / Digital Trends For a laptop that will be able to handle all your professional tasks, you need to take a look at the Dell XPS 14, especially now that you can get it with a discount straight from Dell. This version of the device, with the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4050 graphics card, … Read more

AMD just launched a free tool all PC gamers should have

AMD has just unveiled Frame Latency Meter (FLM), an open-source Windows utility designed to measure the response time of games based on mouse movements. FLM measures the time it takes for a mouse movement to translate into a new frame on the screen, providing insights into system performance. This tool is particularly aimed at advanced … Read more

Adobe Illustrator’s AI features just got a huge update

Adobe has announced a significant update to Illustrator’s generative AI features that designers should appreciate. The headlining new feature is Generative Shape Fill, which add vector to shapes using just text. Adobe demoed the feature in a briefing to the press, using the prompt “cute 3D robot” to fill in some basic shapes with vector … Read more

Dell saved its best gaming laptop deal for after Prime Day

Dell Prime Day deals have already ended, but Dell keeps rolling out gaming laptop deals that catch our attention. Here’s an offer that’s going to be hard to refuse — the Dell G16 gaming laptop with the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 graphics card for only $1,000, following a $500 discount on the device’s original price … Read more

This new app just fixed the MacBook notch, and I love it

NotchNook is a new app that takes your useless old MacBook notch and transforms it into an expanding utility tab — a Dynamic Island, if you will. The notches on iPhone and MacBook screens always have and always will be controversial, but until Apple gives us a better option, we might as well make the … Read more

What is CrowdStrike? Here’s everything you need to know

The events of last night have already been called the worst IT outage of all time. But what really happened? As you’ve probably seen, the problem came down to a company called CrowdStrike. Unless you work in the IT or cybersecurity world, it’s likely not a company you’ve heard of before. But if there’s anything … Read more

What the CrowdStrike outage says about the security of Macs

Jacob Roach / Digital Trends Over the last few days, tech news has been dominated by one thing: the CrowdStrike outage. On July 19, businesses around the world were affected by a major computer failure, as banks, airports, hospitals and more saw their vital systems go offline, leaving customers stranded without help. The root cause … Read more

This clever device fixes my biggest frustration with laptops

We all want thinner bezels on our laptops, but no one wants to sacrifice webcam quality. That situation leads to clumsy solutions like the notch on the MacBook or far worse options like hiding the webcam under a key. A new laptop, however, has an innovative way of getting around this problem by using a … Read more