Zotac’s handheld console is promising — when it works

Kunal Khullar / Digital Trends It’s a promising year for handheld consoles. In addition to the refreshed MSI Claw 8 AI+ and the Asus ROG Ally X, Zotac is set to debut its first Windows-based handheld gaming console. While the company is renowned for its Nvidia graphics cards, it also has substantial expertise in manufacturing … Read more

Buying a Steam Deck has never been cheaper

Jacob Roach / Digital Trends Valve is serving up huge price cuts on the Steam Deck, but there’s a catch — the consoles are refurbished. Part of the Certified Refurbished Steam Deck program, these handhelds have been fixed up by Valve to reportedly run like new — and they’re significantly cheaper. You can save up … Read more

Steam Deck 2: release date speculation, specs, pricing

Jacob Roach / Digital Trends It’s a matter of when we’ll see the Steam Deck 2, not if we’ll see it. Valve has talked publicly multiple times about its plans for a next-gen Steam Deck, which shouldn’t come as a surprise given that the original is easily the best handheld gaming PC you can buy. … Read more

How to customize controls on the Steam Deck

Your Steam Deck is the beating heart of your everyday gameplay. It’s fast, powerful, and is packed with features and customizations. Regarding the latter, did you know that you’re actually able to customize your Steam Deck’s controls? Doing so isn’t overly difficult, but a little know-how goes a long way. To that end, we’ve put … Read more

Steam Deck OLED vs. Steam Deck: don’t make a mistake

Valve took the world by storm when it revealed the Steam Deck in 2021, with the device going on to sell millions of units over the next few years. Things became even more exciting in 2023, when Valve launched the updated Steam Deck OLED — fixing most of the original’s issues while also bundling in … Read more

My Steam Deck became the ultimate cross-platform gaming machine

Jacob Roach / Digital Trends I’ve been playing a lot of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, which, as a self-proclaimed PC gaming snob, would have presented a problem for me in the past. After all, a console exclusive like Rebirth just doesn’t fit into my typical pattern of gaming, which oscillates between desktop at home and Steam … Read more

How to turn on FSR on the Steam Deck

Steam Deck is an impressive piece of hardware, giving you easy access to all your Steam games in one portable, on-the-go package. The handheld PC has only grown more popular with age – and while there have been plenty of competitors to its throne, Steam Deck continues to dominate the market. There are tons of … Read more

I couldn’t live without this underrated monitor feature

Jacob Roach / Digital Trends It’s easy to get fixated on image quality when looking for a new monitor, but one feature has flown under the radar for far too long. Over the past several years, we’ve seen an increasing number of monitors include a KVM switch, and it’s a game changer for using your … Read more

Nvidia is reportedly worried that it’s missing the boat

Jacob Roach / Digital Trends Nvidia and AMD trade blows when it comes to making some of the best graphics cards, but there’s one area where AMD obliterates Nvidia: gaming handhelds. The booming market of portable gaming PCs largely belongs to AMD right now. However, that might soon change, as it seems that Nvidia is … Read more

How to See Your Frame Rate on Steam Deck

The Steam Deck might have a fancy OS that makes it easy to browse and play Steam games, but it’s essentially just a standard handheld PC. That means anyone with enough tech-savvy can modify the device to their heart’s content, loading different operating systems and playing games outside the Steam library without many restrictions. One … Read more