A recipe for perfect broiled shrimp every time

By Melissa Clark, The New York Times Some sheet-pan meals are so simple you could almost cook them in your sleep. Throw some chicken legs and sturdy root vegetables on a pan, sprinkle with salt and maybe herbs or spices, then drizzle with oil and stick it all in a hot oven. About 40 minutes … Read more

Make a delicious ragu alla Bolognese with authentic Italian recipe

“The international version of Bolognese is very different to the traditional sauce eaten by the people born and raised in Emilia-Romagna,” Filippo said of his hometown. In Emilia-Romagna, an Italian region extending from the Apennine Mountains to the Po River in the north, ragu alla Bolognese is traditionally served on Sundays and at festivals. “Ragù … Read more

I’m a baker and only use one banana bread recipe – it’s so delicious I make three a week

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This ‘quick and delicious’ dough will make homemade pizzas a breeze

Pour the flour into a large bowl, and whisk in the yeast and sugar until it’s combined. Make a well in the center, and tip in 200 mL warm water and a large pinch of salt. Using a wooden spoon, mix together until all the flour has been incorporated into a soft dough. Turn out … Read more

Jamie Oliver’s sausage carbonara pasta can be ready in only 15 minutes

Cook the pasta in a pot of boiling salted water and cook according to the packet instructions. Then drain and set aside for now, but make sure to save one mugful of the pasta cooking water. While the pasta is cooking, squeeze the sausagemeat out of the skin and then, with wet hands, roll them … Read more

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A Texas Chinese family restaurant’s founders pass the torch but still put in a shift: meet Papa and Mama Teng, 85 and 76

Yuan Hai Teng, 85, co-founder of Jeng Chi restaurant, prepares dough to make buns at the restaurant. Photo: TNS Francisco is the second Teng in the family to own Jeng Chi, one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in Richardson’s Chinatown – itself among the longest-running Asian-American enclaves in North Texas. He and his wife, Janelle, … Read more

The exact spot to store lettuce to keep it fresh for longer

The UK throws away around 9.5 million tonnes of food waste every year, a figure which has the potential to feed roughly 30 million people a year, according to The Eco Experts. One major reason Britons end up wasting food is that it goes off before they have a chance to eat it. But one … Read more

These strawberry cheesecake cookies have ‘soft and buttery’ taste with each bite

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. First make the cream cheese filling. In a small bowl, mix together the cream cheese with the powdered sugar. The softer the cream cheese, the easier it will be to combine. Spoon 10 to 12 heaping teaspoons of the cream cheese mixture onto the parchment paper. Freeze until … Read more