AI-enabled ‘covert’ detention monitoring cameras, drone disrupters headline China police gear fair

In China, a detainee can be held in disciplinary detention without access to a lawyer for up to six months. Under the country’s supervision law, such detentions could apply to anyone employed in the state sector or on a public payroll, including officials, scholars, teachers, and the parties suspected of offering bribes. A company at … Read more

Mainland Chinese forces start ‘blockade’ drills around Taiwan 3 days after Lai speech

Song Zhongping, a mainland military commentator and former PLA instructor, said the PLA is using the drills to practice a “ blockade” of Taiwan. “It is a warning to Lai,” Song said. “It is not the first time the PLA did so, but this time is is more severe,” he said. The PLA said the … Read more

Australian wine pours back into China as tariff-free shipments surge to over US$10 million in April

With import tariffs removed for the first time in three years, shipments of Australian wine to China surged in April, with analysts expecting producers to jump back into the lucrative market “quite quickly”. China imported US$10.4 million of wine from Australia in April, up from US$126,045 a year earlier, representing a roughly eightyfold increase, according … Read more

In Taiwan, clash at pro-Israel concert highlights growing divisions over Gaza war

In one video, a man is seen grabbing a Palestinian flag from activist Aurora Chang and pushing a Taiwanese woman holding a banner. In another video, he appears to say, “They should rape them, then they will understand and get the idea.” Other videos show a different man throwing a protester to the ground before … Read more

Beijing rejects Taiwan leader’s offer on tourism and student exchanges, saying Lai is ‘insincere, more radical’

The mainland’s Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO) released another strongly worded statement on Tuesday evening, saying Lai’s attitude in his inauguration remarks was “extremely rampant” while “his advocacy is even more radical” than before. “The entire speech was filled with antagonism and provocation, lies and deception – the ‘Taiwan independence’ stance is even more radical and … Read more

Furious mainland China slams Taiwanese leader’s ‘blatant’ call for independence

According to the commentary, Lai was “vigorously promoting separatist fallacies, inciting confrontation and hostility across the Taiwan Strait”. The speech was “full of provocative rhetoric, peddling the ‘two-country theory’ and advocating for ‘mutual non-subordination’ between the two sides”, it said. Several senior Beijing officials had earlier slammed Lai for sending “dangerous signals” in the speech, … Read more

China rolls out large language model based on Xi Jinping Thought

China’s top internet regulator has rolled out a large language model (LLM) based on Chinese President Xi Jinping’s political philosophy, a closed AI system that it says is “secure and reliable”. The machine learning language model was launched by the China Cyberspace Research Institute, which operates under the Cyberspace Administration of China, the national regulator. … Read more

China warns of floods as ‘dragon boat rain’ threatens to soak Pearl River region

China has warned of flood risks near the Bei River, a southern tributary of the Pearl River, over the next 30 days as authorities prepare for emergencies and evacuation. Heavy showers, known as “dragon boat rain”, often hit southern China around the time of the Dragon Boat Festival, which typically falls in mid-June. But this … Read more

China plans AI academies to supply talent for global tech competition as political elite seeks an edge

China is preparing independent AI academies in Shanghai and Beijing to nurture the talent it needs to grow the artificial intelligence industry, according to an award-winning AI expert. Zhu also called for China’s academic institutes to open up to the global community as part of efforts to lead the country’s technological innovation. 12:53 ‘Overtaking on … Read more

Taiwan’s new leader William Lai takes the helm, and a tougher line

Lai’s inauguration marks an unprecedented third term for the DPP. However, unlike Tsai when she became president in 2016, Lai made no mention of the 1992 consensus in his address. The consensus is a tacit agreement between Beijing and Taipei that there is one China but each side of the Taiwan Strait can have its … Read more