Marvin Heemeyer’s “killdozer” rampage hangs over Granby 20 years later

GRANBY — Few physical reminders remain in this unassuming mountain town 20 years after a rampage by an aggrieved muffler shop owner attracted worldwide attention. Marvin Heemeyer — convinced he’d been wronged by town leaders — plotted for more than a year, crafting and installing a 40,000-pound steel and concrete enclosure atop a bulldozer. He … Read more

Judge in Trump election subversion case targeted by swatting

By Lindsay Whitehurst | Associated Press WASHINGTON — A home owned by the judge overseeing the federal election subversion case against former president Donald Trump was targeted by a fake emergency call Sunday night, the latest in a spate of similar false swatting reports at the homes of public officials in recent days. Police responded … Read more