New York cannabis shops can offer discounts on pot under new proposal

Get a buzz off these prices! State cannabis regulators on Wednesday proposed scrapping a rule that barred its licensed pot stores from offering price discounts on their marijuana products — which, they argued, put them at a disadvantage with illegal operators. Discounted prices on cannabis gummies, oils and other items could be offered to seniors, … Read more

Fetterman slams ‘stupidity’ of not legalizing marijuana in Pennsylvania

Sen. John Fetterman (D-Pa.) slammed the “stupidity” of not legalizing marijuana in Pennsylvania, arguing other states, especially those surrounding the Keystone State, have already done so.  “Let’s make it legal,” Fetterman told Fox News Digital on Friday. “I mean, it’s not complicated. Other states have done that. All the states surrounded by Pennsylvania are … … Read more

Don’t flood market with legal pot shops, NY cannabis industry warns

A group representing the legal marijuana industry is warning Gov. Hochul’s cannabis regulators that a dramatic increase in the number of pot stores could have “disastrous consequences” for current licensed operators. Cannabis Association of New York president Damien Cornwell noted that state regulators have yet to weed out the hordes of illegal pot operators. “We … Read more

Mike Tyson selling edibles shaped like an ear — and you can get them in NYC

Local weed shops are punchy over these new gummies. New York weed shops are stocking their shelves with Mike Tyson-branded edibles shaped like an ear with a bite mark – a callback to Iron Mike’s heavyweight showdown with Evander Holyfield. The 57-year-old Brooklyn native — who’s planning a comeback fight against Jake Paul in July … Read more

Massachusetts governor to pardon misdemeanor charges linked to marijuana possession

Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey (D) announced Wednesday that she intends to pardon misdemeanor marijuana possession charges, a move which could impact hundreds of thousands of Bay State residents.  “Nobody should face barriers to getting a job, housing or an education because of an old misdemeanor marijuana conviction that they would not be charged for today,” … Read more