Bradley Cooper’s Emotional Interview on Leonard Bernstein Sparks Online Meme Fest |

In a recent interview, Bradley Cooper poured his heart out about missing the late Leonard Bernstein, sharing emotional insights into their connection during the filming of ‘Maestro.’ However, the teary-eyed conversation did not go down too well with the netizens who found it embarrassing and questioned Cooper’s emotional attachment to a person he never met … Read more

Netflix’s Maestro: Carey Mulligan on playing Leonard Bernstein’s wife, preparing with Bradley Cooper, and the film’s incredible make-up

As with Promising Young Woman, Maestro, now streaming on Netflix, would prove to be a transformative experience for her understanding of herself as an actress and what she is capable of. And it is likely to earn her another Oscar nomination and possibly her first win. Mulligan and Bradley Cooper star as Felicia Montealegre and … Read more

“Maestro” Honors the Chaotic Charisma of Leonard Bernstein

In 1955, Leonard Bernstein explored the art of conducting on an episode of the CBS show “Omnibus.” After leading a studio orchestra through the opening bars of Brahms’s First Symphony, Bernstein walks away from the podium and turns to the camera, leaving the orchestra to continue playing behind him. “Well, you see, they don’t need … Read more