Elon Musk’s X To Cover Legal Bills Of Canadian Doctor Who Said COVID Vaccines Were Unnecessary

The word on the street is that Elon Musk-owned social media platform, X, is funding the legal bills for a Canadian doctor who regulators previously criticised for her tweets about COVID-19. On Sunday, X News declared its support for Dr. Kulvinder Kaur Gill. The X post stated that the company would “defend” her against alleged … Read more

Don Lemon, Elon Musk’s X Show Talks Fall Through Over High Demands

Negotiations between Elon Musk-owned social media platform X and Don Lemon reportedly fell through after the former CNN host requested a Tesla Cybertruck, a $5 (£3.93) million signing bonus, and an ownership stake in the company. A document obtained by The New York Post sheds light on the extensive requests reportedly made by Don Lemon … Read more

Former “The Mandalorian” actress Gina Carano Heaps Praise On Elon Musk, Compares Him To Batman

Actress Gina Carano, who was fired from her role in the Star Wars series “The Mandalorian” in 2021, has spoken out about the lawsuit she filed against Disney and Lucasfilm. The actress also expressed her gratitude to Elon Musk’s social media platform X for covering her legal fees. Carano, who played the role of Cara … Read more

Elon Musk’s X Leaves Up Slavery Post, Pays Ghanian Ex-Employees After Legal Dispute

Elon Musk-owned social media site, X, left up a viral post with content promoting the enslavement of Black people. The post has garnered over a whopping 2 million views since it was posted. A post shared by Twitter user The Hellenist (@The_Hellenist), who has verified account status, includes a screenshot from the 1939 film “Gone … Read more

A Private Jet Tracking Account Ignited Elon Musk’s Twitter Bid, Says New Book

Former Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal’s rejection of Elon Musk’s bid to silence a jet-tracking account ignited a chain reaction that ultimately led to Musk’s controversial acquisition of the platform. A seemingly small decision by Agrawal, who was previously in charge of Twitter (now X), might have unintentionally fuelled Elon Musk’s eventual takeover in January 2022. … Read more

Elon Musk Left Furious After US Court Cancels Billion Dollar Tesla Pay-Out

A court in the US state of Delaware has voided a multi-billion dollar pay deal that was awarded to Elon Musk in 2018 by Tesla. The financial compensation package, consisting of $55.8 billion, was dubbed “an unfathomable sum” by Chancery Court Chief Judge Kathaleen McCormick. The lawsuit, which has been ongoing for years, was filed … Read more

Elon Musk Lauds X-Influenced Outcome For Sussex Athlete

Heaping praise on his social media platform, Elon Musk recently explained what sets X (formerly Twitter) apart, emphasising its unique qualities and impact. Russ Cook, also known as the “Hardest Geezer,” is sparing no effort to become the first person ever to run the complete length of Africa from south to north. Regrettably, he has … Read more

Elon Musk-Owned X’s New Moderation Office To Take A Firm Stand Against Child Exploitation

Elon Musk-led X, formerly known as Twitter, is gearing up to build a new moderation office in Austin, Texas, primarily focused on tackling content depicting child sexual abuse. The head of business operations at X, Joe Benarroch, confirmed that the Austin-based “Trust and Safety center of Excellence” will initially hire 100 full-time content moderators, according … Read more

Australian Watchdog Slams Elon Musk-Owned X (Twitter) For Axing Safety Team

Elon Musk-owned X is catching flak from Australia for its inability to put a curb on harmful content that has been floating on its platform for a while now. Moreover, the country has accused X of failing to fully comply with a legal notice served to the platform. In a recently released transparency report, the … Read more

Elon Musk-Led X Set To Challenge Twitch, Redefine What Livestreaming Can Be

After acquiring Twitter (now X) in 2022, Elon Musk has been sparing no effort to turn the microblogging site into an “everything app”. Most of his decisions, including his plan to add dating app-like features to X in the future, have gained mixed reactions from users. Undeterred by these knock-backs, the 52-year-old tech mogul is … Read more