The top 100 most BORING tourist attractions in the world revealed: A railway trip in Missouri is No.1 while Shrek’s Adventure London and FOUR Legoland parks make the top 25

The last thing any tourist wants is to buckle up for a boring attraction. So a new study that reveals ‘the 100 most boring attractions across the globe’ serves a useful purpose for those keen to guarantee a holiday free from the mundane. America, it seems, needs to up its game on the excitement front, … Read more

Royal Mail insists it will keep fining innocent victims of counterfeit stamps

Britain being flooded with as many as one million fake stamps a week from China By Toby Walne Updated: 22:28 BST, 16 April 2024 Money Mail today demands that Royal Mail stops fining thousands of innocent people with a £5 penalty for receiving mail with a counterfeit stamp. We insist it accepts that as many … Read more

‘Holy mackerel… searing pain’: Wildlife expert Coyote Peterson live-streams being bitten by a lethal giant centipede (as an ER doctor keeps a careful eye on him)

The giant Asian centipede is an animal ‘best admired from a safe distance’. So says wildlife expert Coyote Peterson. And he should know, because he allowed one of the highly venomous creatures to bite him in the name of science – and to raise money for rhino charity Save The Horns. Coyote, the face of … Read more

St James’s Place paid £213K to HMRC for my inheritance tax bill – but it’s gone missing: SALLY SORTS IT

I am at my wits’ end with wealth manager St James’s Place. I am the executor of my friend’s estate and he held investments with the firm.  There is a substantial inheritance tax bill of £800,000 to pay on his estate due to various properties and shares that he owned.  I contacted SJP in December … Read more

The world’s BUSIEST airports revealed: Inside the 10 most packed aviation centers across the globe – with HALF based in the US – as travelers prepare for a very jet-set summer

Traveling in the modern era comes with plenty of downsides – many of which hit jet-set vacationers from the moment they enter their airport of choice, where they are more often than not met with over-crowding, endless security lines, and a host of very grumpy passengers.  With summer just around the corner, airports across the … Read more

Revealed: Top travel hacks for keeping ‘Delhi belly’ at bay on holiday, from the risks of RICE to the dangers of ice cubes

By Ted Thornhill, Mailonline Travel Editor Published: 14:00 BST, 13 April 2024 | Updated: 14:00 BST, 13 April 2024 Hungry to try some local delicacies while on holiday abroad? Before you tuck in, heed the handy advice on avoiding food poisoning contained within the pages of Lonely Planet’s Travel Hack Handbook. In a chapter titled ‘Food … Read more

How is the Red Sea crisis affecting British companies?

Just as the post-lockdown global supply chain crunch seemed to be in the rearview mirror, troubles re-emerged with a set of crises involving two of the world’s most important waterways. Extremely low rainfall since last year, exacerbated by the El Nino phenomenon, has forced Panama Canal authorities to limit daily crossings and how much cargo … Read more

Supermarkets selling stores to raise quick cash: Asda and Morrisons lead way with deals to offload shops

By Emily Hawkins Updated: 18:05 BST, 15 April 2024 Supermarkets are selling their stores to raise quick cash. And Asda sold 25 supermarkets to US property investor Realty Income Corporation in a £650million deal. Asda used the cash to buy the majority of its owner EG Group’s UK business. The billionaire Issa brothers, Zuber and … Read more

Inside the ‘House on Water’: The stunning island hostel where you can jump straight from your bed into the Caribbean Sea

Most would agree – there’s something glamorous about arriving at a hotel by speedboat, whether it’s a glittering five-star property or a tented camp. So a thrilling start to a stay at Casa en el Agua in Colombia’s San Bernardo archipelago in the Caribbean Sea is guaranteed – because the only way to reach this hostel … Read more

The Mail checks in to Glasgow’s poshest hotel, which boasts a labyrinthine luxury spa, gloriously stately rooms and ‘staff that actually care about the guests… ‘

Even in February, Glasgow has a whip-fast vibe and the city moves at pace. Maybe it’s the wind blasting up the Clyde that gives an energy, but it’s more likely the posters on buses and hoardings have the answer: People make Glasgow. So upbeat and easy to engage with are they, that my nine-year-old daughter … Read more