‘Freedom Convoy’ organizer from Sask. suing federal government for using Emergencies Act to freeze accounts

A main organizer of the “Freedom Convoy” is suing the federal government for using the Emergencies Act to freeze his bank accounts, arguing it breached his Charter rights to protest COVID-19 mandates. Chris Barber, who owns a trucking company in southwestern Saskatchewan, filed last week a statement of claim in Court of King’s Bench in … Read more

$350B in pandemic savings was supposed to give the economy a huge boost. It still hasn’t happened

After the pandemic hit in 2020, some business owners and households were hard hit financially as a result of lockdown measures. But at the same time, many Canadians saw their bank accounts grow because of their reduced spending. Those savings ballooned to over $300 billion and became so large that economists expected there would be … Read more

Quebec tightening French-language requirements for storefronts, labels

Quebec business owners have about a year and a half to ensure all signs on businesses, aside from the company name, must be predominately in French.  Also, loopholes are being closed to ensure all products sold in Quebec have descriptions in the province’s official language. “Most of the companies won’t have any changes to make,” said … Read more