China’s increasing involvement in Hamas-Fatah relations

This Tuesday morning, Zvi Yehezkeli, i24NEWS journalist and an Arab affairs analyst, was interviewed on 103FM radio. Yehezkeli addressed the agreement between the terrorist organizations Hamas and Fatah and spoke about China’s increasing involvement in the region, particularly its central role in mediating efforts between the two organizations. Yehezkeli began, “The Chinese, who have … Read more

While Yemen’s Houthis commend IDF strike, Yemenis suffer under Houthis

The Saudi Al-Hadath news channel presented various interpretations of the recent escalation between Israel and the Houthis in Yemen. This follows the Houthi UAV attack on Israel and the subsequent “Operation Outstretched Arm,” which led to the bombing of the port of Hodeidah in Yemen.  According to the channel’s commentators, Iran, which supports the … Read more

Voices from the Arab press: Hamas, terrorism, and Iran’s ambitions

Hamas is Terrorizing Gaza’s People Al-Arab, London, July 13 At a time when our Palestinian people are enduring a horrific war in the Gaza Strip, a crisis that ravages everything in its path – destroying not just human life but also nature – the Hamas movement finds its own justification to engage in its … Read more

Iran’s IRGC intercepted an UAE-managed tanker

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has intercepted a Togo-flagged, UAE-managed products tanker carrying 1,500 tons of marine gas oil, the IRGC and British security firm Ambrey said on Monday. The vessel had loaded marine gas oil off the coast of Iraq and was destined for UAE’s Sharjah when it was intercepted on Sunday, 61 … Read more

Syrian Druze discusses Assad’s oppressive regime

The situation of the Syrian Druze community in the southern Suwayda governorate is deteriorating as the Assad regime targets the unique ethnoreligious group, falsely accusing them of stirring chaos on behalf of Israel. Only less than a week ago, the regime assassinated a local Druze commander named Marhej Al-Jarmani in his home. Al-Jarmani led … Read more

Otzma Yehudit’s negotiations: Key bills before Knesset recess – Israel Politics

The far-right Otzma Yehudit party is negotiating with the two haredi parties, Shas and United Torah Judaism, in an attempt to cut a deal to pass a number of controversial bills and measures this week, before the Knesset sets out on its three-month summer recess on Sunday, an Otzma Yehudit spokesperson confirmed on Monday. … Read more

Sudan and Iran Renew Diplomatic Ties with Ambassador Exchange

The internationally recognized Sudanese government, led by army chief Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, welcomed Iran’s ambassador to the country on Monday while sending its own to Tehran for the first time since severing diplomatic ties in 2016, Sudan’s foreign ministry announced.   For more stories from The Media Line go to In October of … Read more

Israel Ziv analyzes Houthi capabilities and Israeli strategies

In light of the Israeli strike in Yemen, senior Houthi official Mohammed Ali al-Houthi issued a veiled threat to Israel on his X, formerly Twitter, account on Sunday evening, following reports from the terrorist organization of launches towards Israel. Former IDF major-general Israel Ziv spoke with Anat Davidov and Udi Segal on 103FM and … Read more

State Attorney justifies soldier investigation in Nukhba case – Israel Politics

A committee meeting is to be held on Sunday about the investigation of soldiers for the murder of a Nukhba terrorist. State Attorney Amit Isman stated: “I approved the investigation after determining that the evidentiary basis was solid and justified to open one. There is reasonable suspicion; that’s what we followed and will continue … Read more

Israeli needs to respond more forcefully to Houthi, Hamas attacks

The chest-thumping by Israel’s leaders following the attack Saturday on the Hodeidah Port in Yemen was understandable, though unnecessary. Did Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have to crow about the success? Did National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir have to tweet, “Awesome!”? Did Defense Minister Yoav Gallant really need to boast, “The fire in Yemen is … Read more