Fallout 4 Fan Looks Apocalypse Ready in Sole Survivor Cosplay


A Fallout 4 fan dons a vault suit, armor and weaponry to cosplay as her version of the Sole Survivor from the post-apocalyptic game.

A Fallout 4 fan has donned her own vault suit, complete with armor and weaponry, to cosplay as the game’s customizable protagonist, the Sole Survivor.

The cosplayer, who goes by N1mph, recently shared her outfit on the r/cosplay subReddit. Featuring the light blue jumpsuit worn by “vault dwellers” in the Fallout universe, the outfit incorporates rusted plating — complete with protruding spikes — that bear the visual hallmarks of the armor used by the game’s ruthless Raiders. The bulky device on her wrist is a Pip-Boy — Fallout’s immersive answer to the RPG user interface. Completing the costume, and adding a little extra menace, is N1mph’s very own “shishkebab” — an improvised melee weapon combining a wazikashi blade, a motorcycle handle and a propane fuel tank for extra firepower.

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Bethesda Game Studios’ Fallout 4 offers players a variety of character customization options — a fact this cosplayer has used to her full advantage in these photos. N1mph pays tribute to the game’s retro-futuristic aesthetic by portraying the Sole Survivor with a striking 1950s style perm and manicure. Demonstrating the sharp contrast the franchise is known for, N1mph sets this look against the costume itself, which appears as though it could have come straight out of Fallout’s post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Fallout’s Sole Survivor

The Sole Survivor, much like The Lone Wanderer in Fallout 3 and The Courier in Fallout: New Vegas, is the player’s vehicle for exploring the wasteland of the Commonwealth in Fallout 4. Their backstory is mostly set in stone — they come from 2077, and awake from cryogenic stasis 210 years later in search of their long-lost son — but their decisions, methods and personality are left in the hands of the player. In the course of the game they come into contact and conflict with various characters and factions, including synthetic detectives, heavily armored Greasers and the mysterious Institute.

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The Fallout franchise continues to inspire cosplayers and a dedicated modding community. Bethesda has confirmed Fallout 5 is on the table, but the details of the series’ future are not yet clear. The publisher’s current priorities are largely focused around the upcoming release of its new title Starfield. Plus, studio director Todd Howard has said that The Elder Scrolls VI is next on the agenda before Fallout 5. Meanwhile, fans are awaiting more information about Prime Video’s upcoming Fallout live-action series based on the iconic RPG.

Prime Video’s Fallout does not currently have a premiere date.

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