Education App Ideas For Startups To Discern in 2022


Investing in EdTech can be a lucrative and curious case. But it does come along with benefits and test cases to experiment with the startups, mid-size, and large scale enterprises. Higher-ups and big leaders often invest in education as part of corporate social responsibility (CSR), bestowing integrity, casting a vision, using influence, using power, being self-aware, and being empathetic.

What does Statista say?

While pandemic-struck online learning gave EdTech a nudge, it is now making its way for the sector’s massive explosion. From US$2.8 billion (in 2020) to US$10.4 billion by 2025, the present and future of EdTech are beyond simple textbooks, interactive videos, and online discussions. With the presence of customized modules and virtual assistance, it has become a hassle-free learning experience for students of all age groups.  According to Statista, as of January 2022, the highest valued unicorns in EdTech were:

  1. Byju’s (India)
  2. Yuanfudao (China)
  3. Zuoyebang (China)
  4. BetterUp (United States)
  5. VIPKid (China)
  6. Articulate (United States)
  7. Course Hero (United States)
  8. Handshake (United States)
  9. GoStudent (Austria)
  10. UnAcademy (India)

What does Gartner say?

Gartner, a research firm like Statista, enables smarter decisions and stronger performance on an organization’s mission-critical priorities. Carrying research on the state of education and creating educational apps by startups, Gartner assessed:

(1) The issues faced by K-12,

(2) Education CIOs (Office of the Chief Information Officer – Department of Education) with the top 9 practices by highly composable enterprises,

(3) Assess how higher education CIOs can maximize education delivery using business composability.

What does IBEF say?

Education Industry Analysis by IBEF – India Brand Equity Foundation says India has one of the largest education systems. It was estimated at US$ 117 billion in FY20 and is expected to reach US$ 225 billion by FY25.

What do Education Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis say?

According to education market research reports and industry analysis, the education market is lucrative, flourishing, and useful for both government, and commercial organizations.

With regular technological advancements and government initiatives, the education app ideas continue to evolve. With the help of business intelligence, puts its insights into trends, changes, projections, and opportunities across the market worldwide.

It calculates data on market share, size, segmentation, and growth of the United States and global education markets. Their database reports include different types and levels of education, different tools used throughout the education process, and the business side of the sector, which helps in the continuous development and improvement of the educational system.

What are the top technology trends in higher education for 2022?

It is important to study the top technology trends in education to optimize the operating models, enhance competitive advantage, support emerging business models, provide new types of learning environments and support the student experience. Such detailed reports are used to develop business and marketing strategies and track education trends globally.

What are the top educational app ideas for Android and iOS in 2022?

  • Private Tutor App – For private home tuitions to school children.
  • An App for Handicapped Children – For private home tuitions to disabled children. It may be a complete audio course for visually impaired children.
  • Flashcard Apps – To let children create their own flashcards, customize and share them with friends.
  • Question and Answer App – This app idea for students offers grade-wise/chapter-wise questions/answers to students for better preparation.
  • Educational Games and Quizzes App – It comes with several quizzes, games, and multiple-choice questions to enable students of all age groups to play games and learn simultaneously.
  • Dictionary App – This education app idea for students in 2022 offers approximately 2000 – 3000 pages of new and old words, with examples of how to use them in a sentence. People don’t feel like carrying a physical dictionary in their pockets but they always have a smartphone to go with.
  • Language Learning App – It offers many options with an inbuilt virtual assistant, and an auto translator, adjustable to the language of your choice.
  • School Bus App – It lets school administrators and parents track the bus routes, time, and well-being of children.
  • Exam App – Such apps offer organized learning, exam preparation guides and tutorials, and problem resolving sessions between students and teachers.
  • Student Community App – Such apps let students from various schools put forward a particular request to the teaching panel. They can connect and interact with each other and ask anything related to studies.
  • Students’ Progress Tracking App – School administrators use such applications to monitor students’ academic performance, behaviour, and overall development of kids.
  • eBook Reading App – Such applications let students borrow books and read them online. They may be charged a minimal subscription fee initially to avail a set number of books before the next renewal.
  • AR-Based Educational App – Such applications incorporate gamification into the curriculum to engage students. It gives an edge to the regular learning methods and helps children memorize faster. It helps develop sensories. provides real-time assistance, and motivates students. AR works in close coordination with AI (Machine Learning, neural network, deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing (NLP)).
  • Education Apps for Autistic KidsMobile applications ideas like Proloquo2Go, i Create… Social Skills Stories, Speech Blubs 2, Language Therapy for Kids – MITA, Otsimo, and ABC Autismo help kids with a disability learn faster, improve confidence and develop multiple skills.
  • Audio Book Summary App – Such applications allow users to read the books in electronic format without downloading them. It streams in the presence of an active internet connection and works similar to listening to music.
  • Vocabulary App – Such app includes word games like Pictionary, word association, hangman, word search, crossword, word scramble, scrabble, and scattergories and make it a fun learning experience for students with quizzes, and puzzles. The vocabulary app contains corrections with examples of all parts of speech including spell check, pronunciation, phrases, and phonic sounds.
  • Students’ To-Do List App – Such applications let students organize and manage their reading and learning tasks, milestones, and to-do items.
  • Puzzle App – This app does not need to be explicitly, but a simple way to learn while playing mind games based on vocabulary.
  • Self-Note App – Such apps help both teachers and students to take notes.
  • Homework Reminder App – It helps students reminisce about their subject-wise pending homework.
  • Storytelling App – Such interactive applications help children during bedtime.
  • Rhymes or Poem Learning App – As the name says, it features poems and rhymes for toddlers. It can work offline.
  • Math Problem-Solving App – As the name suggests, it resolves math queries grade-wise.
  • Grammar Mistakes Checking App – It lets students clarify their English grammar doubts.
  • Multi-language Learning Apps – It lets students learn in English and native languages.
  • Student Community App – It lets students across schools and regions connect across the platform and discuss their queries.
  • Student Performance Tracking app – It lets parents and teachers check student’s track student’s performance.
  • On-demand tutors hiring app – It offers online tutoring for children.
  • Attendance app – to mark attendance of students. It works in conjunction with other applications.
  • Find grammar mistakes – It is similar to Grammarly for kids.
  • The Preschool app features a syllabus according to playgroup, nursery, kindergarten, and upper kindergarten children.
  • Competitive Examination Apps – A specially curated application for high school children who wish to attempt competitive exams after school.

Conclusive: Do you find investing in education lucrative?

There you go! We hope that these mobile app ideas exhibit a basic idea to fund an education startup. Seek the help of a top application development company to get your app idea across stores!

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