The first issue of DC’s Justice Society of America series ends with a major connection to Flashpoint Beyond.

In Justice Society of America #1, Helena Wayne/Huntress is attempting to find the person responsible for killing her father, Batman, in The New Golden Age #1 one-shot. The New Golden Age follows the events of Flashpoint Beyond, which sees DC’s Golden Age history being rewritten after thirteen characters escape time capsules they were previously being held in. After a failed attempt to form her own interim Justice Society of America that results in multiple deaths, Helena comes face-to-face with the killer, who is known only as the Stranger, and finds herself quickly outmatched when the villain somehow turns Helena into an elderly woman.

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DC's Justice Society of America Series Has a MAJOR Flashpoint Revelation

While the situation may be dire, Helena is saved by her mother, Selina Kyle/Catwoman, who comes flying in through the ceiling. Selina instructs Helena to “save the Justice Society,” which Helena quickly notes is impossible given the Stranger has already killed them. “Not this one, Helena,” Selina explains. “Before. The others. Find Doctor Fate. He can explain. I should have.” Selina then throws her daughter the snow globe, which Batman/Bruce Wayne stole from the Time Masters in Flashpoint Beyond #0 (by Johns, Eduardo Risso, Trish Mulvihill and Rob Leigh). Helena grabs the snow globe and then finds herself transported through time to the year 1940.

DC’s Flashpoint Universe and the Snow Globe

Flashpoint Beyond #6 (by Johns, Tim Sheridan, Jeremy Adams, Xermanico, Mikel Janín, Gary Frank, Romulo Fajardo Jr., Jordie Bellaire, Brand Anderson and Leigh) revealed the snow globe can capture and contain DC Universe timelines that would have otherwise been erased, such as the Flashpoint Universe. The Time Masters allowed Bruce to keep the snow globe — and the entire Flashpoint Universe — at the end of Flashpoint Beyond #6. The snow globe, along with the wristwatch that formally belonged to Watchmen‘s Janey Slater, can also both be seen in the Batcave in The New Golden Age #1.

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Justice Society of America #1 comes from writer Geoff Johns, artist Mikel Janín, colorist Jordie Bellaire, guest artists Jerry Ordway, Scott Kolins, Steve Lieber and Brandon Peterson, guest colorists John Kalisz, Jordan Boyd and Peterson and letterer Rob Leigh. The issue features cover art by Janín and variant cover art by Yanick Paquette, Nathan Fairbairn, Joe Quinones, Ordway, Kalisz, Lieber and Fairbairn. Justice Society of America #1 is on sale now from DC.

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